【能动讲坛】Advances and Challenges in Accurate Measurement of Laminar Burning Velocity

发布时间:2017-12-25 16:09:00
标    题:Advances and Challenges in Accurate Measurement of Laminar Burning Velocity

报告人:陈正   研究员

单    位:北京大学工学院

时    间:20171229日(星期五)下午2:30-4:30

地    点:武汉理工大学余家头校区航海楼能动学院三楼会议室



The laminar burning velocity (LBV) is one of the most important parameters of a combustible mixture. Various experimental approaches have been developed to measure LBV, among which the outwardly propagating spherical flame (OPF) method is popularly used, especially at high pressures. There are great challenges in accurate measurement of LBV. In this talk, the discrepancies in LBV measured for CH4/air at normal temperature and pressure using the OPF method will be introduced first. Then, the recent advances in accurate measurement of LBV will be introduced. Specifically, the possible sources of uncertainty in LBV measurement are investigated and their contributions to large discrepancies in laminar flame speed measurement are assessed. The recommendations on LBV measurement using the propagating spherical flames will also be provided. 



        陈正,研究员,博士生导师。先后在清华大学获得学士和硕士学位、在普林斯顿大学获博士学位。主要从事基础燃烧研究,研究内容包括火焰动力学理论、燃料基础燃烧特性、极限燃烧、缓燃转爆轰等。先后主持了国家自然科学基金面上项目与优秀青年基金项目、北京市自然科学基金面上项目、教育部博士点基金项目等。曾获得亚太燃烧会议青年研究者奖(Young Investigator Award, 2015)。担任Combustion and Flame编委(2017-2022),担任第3637届国际燃烧会议“层流火焰”分论坛共同主席(Colloquium Co-Chair, 2016, 2018),担任2018年第四届全国青年燃烧学学术会议的程序委员会共同主席。